Roku Streaming Stick Plus-Today there is a number of streaming devices in the market but the widely used one Roku Streaming Stick Plus. This version of the Roku streaming device is the best of it all rest of the versions. Moreover, it is a better 4K HDR streaming device and it supports the faster wifi standard and many more things.

Roku Streaming Stick Plus

Here we will discuss some of its special features and some about it that make it different from the rest of the streaming devices.

Why say yes to Know why Roku Streaming Stick Plus?

Its design

  • Here now this device is designed in such a way that you can keep it tucked away. And also plugged into an HDMI port which is behind the Television.
  • It has a wifi antenna and it gives the much better range.

Fastest set up

  • It can set up fastly and also run quickly.
  • Here the wifi antenna needs to be plugged into a mini USB port in the Roku.
  • Moreover, you could also use the power adapter and plug the Roku into a wall outlet using the expert’s cord that comes in the box.
  • Now as you switch the input on your TV to the HDMI port, just select your preferred language and then connect to your wifi.
  • Also, you can set up Roku remote for controlling TV power and volume is also easy.

hands-free voice controls

  • This device has the hands free voice controls or we can say the google assistant comes with this streaming device. So here you can control this device through oral voice commands.

It Supports 4K HDR streaming

  • Here you can enjoy the 4K HDR streaming. This will provides you the best streaming experience.

The Roku channel

  • Here now you can carry the daily news and a hundred fo free movies at no subscription.

Improved home screen

  • Now have quick access to your favorite tv shows and movies. Here this device you can quickly find you no cost movies and TV shows.

With all the above-mentioned features we can say that Roku Streaming Stick Plus is the best streaming device and has all the updated features. Also to know about it or if you have some queries regarding it then dial toll-free. This will help you to find solutions to your queries.

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